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Content Marketing

Content has the power to inspire website visits, social media engagement, and the sharing of articles and posts. It’s also what can lead to conversions and other actions good for your bottom line. In fact, content marketing is the second most effective lead generation tactic just behind email marketing!

But content is only going to be impactful if it’s directed at the right audience and prepared with both search engines and searchers in mind. This is why Vantoro Marketing is your trusted source for content writing and distribution. Also, with our team at your service, you’ll be able to spend more time focusing on your business as you delegate important content-related tasks to us.

Content Creation

Once technical aspects of your website that can affect its performance have been taken care of, the next step is to pay attention to the content that’s actually on your various webpages. Content alone isn’t going to get you to the top spot on search engine results pages. However, the right approach to content marketing can serve as the heart of a larger digital marketing strategy. We’ll use our search engine optimization and content writing skills to help you fine-tune your results.

Research and Planning

Content may be king, but it’s only going to be effective online if you know who you are targeting and what you should be writing about. For this reason, our first step with the content writing process is to plan what your content will be about. In order to do this, we’ll perform thorough research to develop a better understanding of who you are writing for and what types of content will likely resonate with your intended audience. With the research phase, you can also count on us to:

• Determine what keywords/phrases people are already using to find content related to your business or brand online
• Identify gaps within your existing content
• Figure out what topics should be covered within your website’s content
• Look for opportunities to present supplemental content designed to drive traffic to your website via outside sources, like your blog posts or social media pages

Customized Content Development

After we’ve done the research to get a good idea of who you are writing for online, we’ll produce relevant, optimized content. What we’ll deliver is content that’s written with real people in mind. At the same time, we’ll use proper optimization techniques to ensure that search engines are able to present your content online in a way that attracts the right kind of attention.

And because content creation is all about what matters most to you, we’ll create content that’s in line with your desired tone. Whether you prefer serious and professional content, conversational content, or something that’s light and casual, we’ll adopt our content preparation style to fit your needs.

Strategic Content Publishing

Once your content has been prepared, it’s time to publish it! In order to do this effectively, we’ll work with you to determine where you want your content to be presented – directly on your website, on your various social pages, and on third-party sites as guest blog content are just some of the many possibilities. But before any content is published, however, we’ll review our work. This is a process that includes the following steps:

• Making sure your content is properly optimized
• Checking for spelling and grammar errors
• Allowing you to review completed content as much or as little as you prefer before it’s published

Of course, final approval of the content we create will always be your call. If there’s anything you want added or adjusted, just let us know!

Detailed Content Analysis

After content is published, the last step is to keep track of how it’s performing. A great way to do this is with Google Analytics data. If you’re not set up with GA, we can help with that, too! We’ll use results from your content’s performance to make appropriate adjustments, if necessary.

Reap the many rewards of content marketing done right with Vantoro Marketing. Our experts are ready to create fully optimized, top-quality, client-tailored website content.


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