Social media is used by billions of people every day. Not sure where to start? Vantoro Marketing offers a wide variety of
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Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active monthly users! Also, Twitter posts routinely show up on Google’s search engine results pages, and social media pages and blogs reach roughly 8 out of every 10 Americans. Plus, more than 70 percent of Internet users are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they are also following on social media. These stats are proof-positive that social media marketing is something you don’t want to put on the back burner.

So, what is SMM? In a nutshell, it encompasses all interactions on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform that might be relevant to your target audience. And with the right approach to marketing via social media, you could be rewarded with a boost in brand recognition and engagement, more traffic back to your website, and an increase in conversions. We invite you to take advantage of the social media marketing services available from Vantoro Marketing!

Our SMM Services

At Vantoro Marketing, we have a client-focused approach to marketing via social media. Whether you want to get more “likes” or increase consumer engagement, we’ll put together a strategy designed with your goals in mind. Turn to us for your SMM needs and we’ll help you achieve your goals by:

• Identifying or assessing your target audience
• Monitoring your social media results
• Looking for opportunities to leverage trending topics
• Scheduling updates on a regular basis
• Targeting brand-specific and relevant keywords, search phrases, and topics
• Using analytics and data-tracking tools to look for ways to improve your social media results

Social Media Account Setup

If you’re new to social media, we’ll get you set up on social media accounts that are right for your business. In addition to top platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, we can also get you set up with SEO-infused profiles and other key elements on Pinterest and other niche-based social platforms with the potential to benefit your brand. We’ll make sure your accounts are properly set up, visually appealing, and optimized fully.

Social Media Synchronization

Social media isn’t meant to be a standalone type of online engagement. This is why one of the services we provide involves linking or syncing your blog or website content with your various social media accounts. Not only can this expand your brand’s visibility, it can also save you time so that you can focus more on running your business. What’s more, having your most recent website-based blog posts synchronized with your social media pages can help you leverage traffic with increases in clicks and impressions.

Social Media Advertising

Given the high volumes of users and the level of interaction, social media can absolutely be an excellent way to display your ads. The Vantoro team is here to help you set up and manage social media ad campaigns on multiple platforms.

Facebook, in particular, is an excellent social resource for ad visibility and revenue generation. In fact, when used properly, Facebook Ads can be a reliable source of leads and conversions thanks to the ability to distribute ads via this platform in a way that’s highly focused.

Regardless of which platform you prefer, if your social media ads are structured correctly, you could also enjoy more traffic back to your website along with many other related perks. We can also track the results your ads are getting so you can clearly track your ROI.

Social Media Management

We know that many of our clients, especially small or medium-sized business owners, don’t have the time to manage social media accounts. Fortunately, this is something we have plenty of experience with! Thanks to our attentive and comprehensive approach to social media management, you won’t have to worry about issues with

• Unresolved problems that could affect your online reputation
• Dips in traffic from a lack of fresh, relevant content
• Leaving customer concerns unaddressed
• Overlooking ways to connect with your intended audience via social media

All too often, businesses make the assumption that social media isn’t for them. Oftentimes, the problem is the wrong approach to social media marketing. Let Vantoro Marketing help you reap the many possible rewards associated with the right kind of social media engagement. We offer both Tampa social media marketing services as well as throughout the United States!


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